Ankle Sprains: Time is of the Essence.


Ankle sprains (twisting of the ankles resulting in stretching or tearing of the ligaments around the ankle) is a very common injury encountered in our office and one that is usually seen by the time it is too late.  It is crucial for ankle sprains to be evaluated and treated properly soon after they occur.

In some cases, the ankle may heal properly on their own with minimal to no treatment without any consequences.  But in many cases that we see, the ankle sprains initially have not been treated properly leading to long term consequences that at times may be irreversible without surgery (recurrent sprains, instability/ imbalance of the ankle, chronic pain).

Treatments of the ankle sprain depend on the severity and may include immobilization in a walking boot, ankle braces, and physical therapy.

If you ever experience an ankle sprain, I highly encourage to seek a podiatrist who can treat and evaluate your condition to get you back on your feet.